Combined authorities and councils have faced pressure for some time; budget cuts, increasing customer expectations and changing demands. Then we’ve seen the rapid operational changes caused by maintaining COVID-19-secure services, while managing new remote working processes. Add uncertainty about a potential new devolution settlement and funding as central government pursues its levelling up agenda. But change also brings opportunity and KPMG can help local and regional government succeed.

Success means every aspect of local government should be connected. Strategies must be driven by the latest insight. Services must continually innovate to keep up with customer expectations. There is no room or budget for unnecessary friction in commercial transactions and supply chains must be responsive to cope with the unexpected. The workforce must maintain this year’s flexibility for the changes to come. All of that is only possible by investing in 21st century digital architecture and by having the right network of partners and alliances to support in specialist areas.

Our main areas of support for clients

Our insights on local and regional government

Our solutions

Customer centric design

We can help you exploit new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to improve your citizens’ experience of using your services.

Powered Enterprise

Cloud-based organisation transformation to make sure your core functions support your strategy and citizens’ needs.

Infrastructure investment

We can help you explore options, articulate the business case and secure investment for new infrastructure projects.

Data analytics and insight

Making future-proof decisions based on reliable data, targeted analysis and visualisations which help you understand the problem to be solved.

Cost Optimisation

With budgets continually under pressure, the need to continue to drive efficiency savings and good procurement/contract management is always important.

Cyber security

Our Cyber team can help you build the digital resilience to transform your business in a safe and sustainable way.

Operational Excellence

A fundamentally different approach to how transformation and change is undertaken across a whole Council. It equips the organisation with continuous improvement capabilities to empower all staff to channel their efforts towards the vision of the organisation.

Regeneration, reorganisation and refinancing

Our deal advisory team can help you get the best value out of the deals you make.


Building resilience and effectively managing emerging and connected risks is critical to effective public services. We help enable your organisation to make good decisions, achieve your objectives and manage your risks.


With COVID-19 recovery, levelling up, EU replacement funds and the transition to a Low Carbon economy, grants are becoming more and more central to Local Authority’s agendas. We are investing in our grants’ capabilities through our Grant’s Centre of Excellence to help meet these emerging needs.

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