Local and combined authorities must juggle multiple priorities in a shifting landscape. There is increasing demand on services, especially from an ageing population and with the cost-of-living crisis squeezing more households. Citizen expectations of support, delivered through easily accessible digital services, are rising. But meeting these demands is getting harder given real-time cuts in funding and inflationary pressures.

Councils need to create a financially sustainable and customer-centric organisation that will drive local economic growth, jobs and skills. This requires digital transformation in the way services are delivered; and investment in the regeneration of infrastructure and places, all while taking a leading position on the climate change agenda.

At KPMG, we have a deep understanding of the local government landscape, working alongside numerous councils to devise innovative transformation solutions. We bring fresh insights and proven methodologies to help create a dynamic way forward. 

How KPMG can help

Through our global methodologies and subject expertise, we help our local government clients build a future-ready organisation. We drive this through our Connected, Powered, Trusted approach, alongside a focus on Place.

Our Connected approach helps build a local government organisation that is citizen-centric and designed around their needs. Organisations which invest in the 8 capabilities of a Connected Enterprise are over twice as likely to see success from their investments in digital transformation. At the same time, a Connected approach helps build insight-led internal improvement, from cost optimisation and commercialisation to operational excellence, procurement efficiency and supply chain management.

Our Powered methodology helps authorities and councils digitally transform to embed modern technology and agile business practices that enable for higher performance and lasting value. The Powered approach helps ensure that enabling functions and support services such as HR, Finance and Procurement work smartly and more effectively to support the strategic objectives of the council.

Our Trusted solutions help create effective internal audit and assurance services, embedding a balanced approach to managing risk in public service transformation to build the confidence of elected Members and other stakeholders, including regulators, in the local authority. We help enable organisations to make good decisions, achieve their objectives and manage risks.

Our Place approach focuses on helping councils create liveable environments and meet climate action ambitions as they move towards net zero. This includes the decarbonisation of transport through renewable energy fuel sources, initiatives such as emission zones and an increased focus on walking and cycling; and a built environment strategy that promotes sustainable buildings and infrastructure, lowers GHG emissions and promotes environmental quality through open spaces and smart planning. 

Our difference

Our tried and tested approaches, delivered by experts who truly understand the sector and in many cases come from local government backgrounds, sets us apart. We collaborate with clients to catalyse change and co-create solutions that work. Through our diverse teams, diversity is replicated in what we deliver, generating even greater social value.

Ranked as the number one consulting firm in local government by Consulting UK, and winning an FT Consulting Gold award in public and social sector consulting, we have the external validation to match.

Together, we can work with you to navigate the challenges, capitalise on the opportunities and create new pathways that lead to sustainable performance and citizen-focused success.

KPMG quickly became a fully integrated part of our delivery team and shared our commitment to delivering the project. Their insight and knowledge was essential to informing and shaping collective decisions and they were proactive in providing insightful wise counsel and challenge throughout.

Chief Executive
Cumbria County Council

Our main areas of support for clients

Our solutions

Customer centric design

We can help you exploit new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to improve your citizens’ experience of using your services.

Powered Enterprise

Cloud-based organisation transformation to make sure your core functions support your strategy and citizens’ needs.

Infrastructure investment

We can help you explore options, articulate the business case and secure investment for new infrastructure projects.

Data analytics and insight

Making future-proof decisions based on reliable data, targeted analysis and visualisations which help you understand the problem to be solved.

Cost Optimisation

With budgets continually under pressure, the need to continue to drive efficiency savings and good procurement/contract management is always important.

Cyber security

Our Cyber team can help you build the digital resilience to transform your business in a safe and sustainable way.

Operational Excellence

A fundamentally different approach to how transformation and change is undertaken across a whole Council. It equips the organisation with continuous improvement capabilities to empower all staff to channel their efforts towards the vision of the organisation.

Regeneration, reorganisation and refinancing

Our deal advisory team can help you get the best value out of the deals you make.


Building resilience and effectively managing emerging and connected risks is critical to effective public services. We help enable your organisation to make good decisions, achieve your objectives and manage your risks.


With COVID-19 recovery, levelling up, EU replacement funds and the transition to a Low Carbon economy, grants are becoming more and more central to Local Authority’s agendas. We are investing in our grants’ capabilities through our Grant’s Centre of Excellence to help meet these emerging needs.

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