Over the past two years local councils have been severely stretched. When the pandemic hit communities, councils across the country continued to provide their existing vital services but also rose to the challenge by providing a wealth of additional support. Now, as communities look to bounce back from the pandemic, councils must address a range of challenges.

Our recent research report delves into the experience of citizens, showing how the cost-of-living crisis has increased demand for public services, and councils are having to do more with less.

Some of the key points from the research highlights:

  • Citizen sentiment towards their Local Council decreases for 2022
  • Citizens mainly see value in the services that are visible to them
  • Workforce empowerment is key for unlocking great citizen experiences
  • Digital solutions must be citizen-led in design and delivery
  • Citizen centricity must be adopted organisation wide

You can download the latest report to understand what truly matters most to citizens that will enable local authorities to combat resource and finance pressures.

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