The Connected Future for Local Government

Catalysing change for citizen-centric services

Local governments have the opportunity to modernise and reshape how they deliver public services, this can help some of the current challenges local authorities face around the economic climate, funding issues and changing citizen expectations. Local authorities need to ensure they are meeting the fast-evolving needs and expectations of the citizens and communities they serve in the digital era.

To meet the challenging times ahead, local governments will need to become digitally enabled, data-driven and community-focused organisations. We can support you in that transformation journey; removing some of the siloed ways of working across different services and becoming a cohesive, focused and connected organisation using the right technology to deliver outcomes for citizens and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

A fully connected local government organisation is important in bringing disparate parts of the organisation and the entire ecosystem together into an integrated whole.

Our connected methodology focusses every critical process, function and relationship of an organisation on meeting citizens expectations.

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How far are you towards a connected council organisation?

The future of local government: Embracing connectivity and customer centricity

Connected Council from KPMG

This is our proven approach to helping local government organisations put citizens at the centre of digital transformation, through an insight-led, citizen-centric approach.

The KPMG Connected Enterprise for local government framework is designed from the ground up to enable a rich discussion at the leadership level about an entire organisation helping to provide a strong starting point for a digital engagement by:

  • Focusing on pain points;
  • Establishing a target operating model;
  • Tailoring the model to specific and unique organisational needs.

Make powerful progress to future proof your local authority.

What does a connected future look like for local councils?

How can you drive better decision making?​

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Insight-driven strategies and actions

Using data, advanced analytics and insights with real-time understanding of the citizen’s needs and preferences can help shape better informed decisions.

How do you meet the expectations for citizen experience?​

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Citizen-centricity by design​

Improve the citizen experience by providing seamless and effortless experiences on how they interact with public sector services.

How do you achieve streamlined supply chain operations?​

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Analytics-powered supply chain management

Smarter supply chain operations is key to providing timely public sector services for citizens to meet demand and rising expectation.

What are the 8 Connected Local Government capabilities?

Eight capabilities, for twice the impact

The most successful organisations invest in eight capabilities which span all areas of the customer experience. This ensures a connected organisation that goes beyond cross-channel interactions.

Those that invest in all eight capabilities are twice as likely to meet customer expectations, achieve objectives and deliver return on investment.

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