Local government in the UK has changed immeasurably since the start of 2020 and the scale of change is only going to increase. Members and officers have an important opportunity to review, realign and refresh their organisations to meet the challenges of the next decade. Responses to COVID-19 demonstrated the value of local knowledge and delivery but this needs to be driven by connected, digitally enabled, and data-driven approaches that use scarce resources efficiently.

In our latest report, we look at how embracing connectivity and customer-centricity could impact local government. 

Our research provides insights on personalisation, data-driven design, trust, and digital security, organisational culture, and collaboration. I have been struck by ideas and innovations from UK local authorities that lead the way in the sector but also how much there is to learn from similar organisations around the world.

These innovations would have great application in the UK and I look forward to discussing which would be right for you and how you can build the capabilities to meet these challenges and opportunities head-on.

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