Citizens’ expectations are becoming more demanding as they seek low friction digital interactions, higher productivity and a greener economy. This is happening against the backdrop of fiscal challenges intensified by COVID-19 and the exit of the European Union. It is clear that the usual mental models to help navigate through this situation will not work. The implementation of the Industrial Strategy, Devolution, Levelling up and Net Zero agendas need effective policy design, and an operational delivery that requires strong strategic planning.

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New routes to a digital government series

Digital transformation can help accelerate the change needed. Making departments more interoperable will make government more agile. It will be able to move quickly, test and pilot solutions and learn from mistakes.  At KPMG, we can support the government through our learning offer; providing a common approach to skills development across the civil service.

We understand how to streamline services around citizen needs. Whether it's to join up the back office and front-line services, deliver a step-change in digital transformation, or harness your workforce's power, we can help. Our services also include developing civil service capability and talent. And where government needs to partner with others to achieve its goals, we can help with contract management, delivery assurance and project management.