The Connected Future of Central Government

A dynamic way forward for improved citizen experiences

Citizens today expect more from public services – seamless user experiences on digital touchpoints and low barriers to entry.

Modernisation is now top of mind for government department heads, chief technology officers, and chief human resources officers across the ministerial government departments and local agencies. And although digital transformation is critical, attracting and retaining a digitally skilled workforce is equally as important.

Being connected means harnessing technology so the entire organisation – front, middle and back is aligned to shift points of interaction to reflect citizen’s needs and preferences.

How a connected approach to technology, employees and citizens can drive collaboration and resilience.

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Modernising government: How is digitalisation transforming the way citizens interact with public services?

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Connected Central Government from KPMG

This is our proven approach to helping central government departments put citizens at the centre of digital transformation, through an insight-led, citizen-centric approach.

Technology is a crucial enabler to making powerful progress towards a building enduring trust in the public sector. To modernise and catalyse a change towards, our Connected methodology ensures citizen-centricity is at the heart of everything – from strategy to execution. It allows for central government departments to have a laser focus on key blueprints:

  • Workforce – new ways of working to drive alternative outcomes
  • Trust – establish security through controls and to future proof the organisation
  • Experience – seamless interaction with public services at all levels

Make powerful progress to future proof your organisation.

What does a connected future look like for central government?

How can you drive better decision making?

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Insight-driven strategies and actions

Using data, advanced analytics, and insights with real-time understanding of citizen’s needs and preferences can help shape better informed decisions.

How do you meet citizen’s demand and expectation on experience?

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Citizen centricity by design

Improve the citizen experience by providing seamless and effortless experiences on how they interact with public sector services.

How do you achieve streamlined supply chain operations?​

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Analytics-powered supply chain management

Smarter supply chain operations is key to providing timely services for citizens to meet rising demand.

What are the 8 Connected Central Government capabilities?

Eight capabilities, for twice the impact

The most successful organisations invest in eight capabilities which span all areas of the customer experience. This ensures a connected organisation that goes beyond cross-channel interactions.

Those that invest in all eight capabilities are twice as likely to meet customer expectations, achieve objectives and deliver return on investment.

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