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Our people


We’re unlocking the potential of our people by providing opportunities to learn for a lifetime.

We’re committed to developing a continuous learning culture that supports people to grow in their own way and provides opportunities to learn for a lifetime. A place where everyone can make their mark.

By investing in our people, we’re able to support them to grow and progress in their own way, and build a strong, inclusive and high performing workforce. One that puts its clients and impact on society at the heart of its business.

We’re continuously adapting our approach to learning to ensure it aligns with our Trust & Growth business strategy, addresses current skills gaps, and prepares for future skill requirements too. We recognise that everyone learns in different ways, so in line with the UN Sustainable Development goals, we take measures to ensure our offering promotes equality and accessibility and provides lifelong learning opportunities for all. We’re adapting the way people access learning too, with an increase in digital and virtual courses that reflect our new ways of working.

Our learning strategy for colleagues in a hybrid world addresses the key principles of successful remote working, giving colleagues the tools to plan and negotiate their time, while remaining motivated and stimulated to take on new challenges. This year, we have refreshed key programmes across our leadership development, business skills, business development and sales curriculums. And we have unlocked access to expert external learning content providers to help employees find what they need in a range of digestible formats.

Total spend on learning and development / £26.9m FY22 (FY21: £27.1m)
Average number of hours spent on learning and development / 51 hours per person FY22 (FY21: 39 hours per person)

ESG Learning

ESG is at the forefront of our clients’ agendas, and we recognise that the talent of our people is crucial in supporting their success. That is why our investment strategy has focused heavily on building and developing our ESG talent to deliver for our clients’ complex needs.

John McCalla-Leacy / Head of Global ESG, KPMG International & Partner and Head of ESG, KPMG in the UK

We’re upskilling our people to have impactful conversations with colleagues and clients about ESG, through the delivery of the following programmes:

ESG Fundamentals Instructor-led virtual course, open to all colleagues, on basic ESG concepts and business impact.
ESG Leadership Upskill Series Delivered quarterly, in a hybrid format (in-person and virtual) to senior colleagues on current and emerging ESG market trends.
Quarterly KPMG Hot Topic Upskill On demand content, open to all colleagues, to share and increase education and awareness of changes in key ESG regulation, market responses, and thought leadership.
Specialist technical training pathways Available to client-facing ESG teams to develop deep technical understanding of the latest ESG topics and relevant changes in law, regulations and leading practise. This enables our people to deliver specialist support to our clients.
Delivering technical expert ESG training in collaboration with the EBS University

Together with the EBS University in Germany, we’ve developed an exclusive ESG Expert training programme for our colleagues. The comprehensive, online training programme focuses on essential environmental, social, and governance topics and how they relate to corporate strategy and business models.

“In this innovative training format, we comprehensively discuss all relevant aspects to support the transition to a more sustainable economy.”
Prof. Dr. Rolf Tilmes, Academic Director of EBS Executive School

The training is designed to bring together the know-how of our ESG leaders with insights from well-known international academic experts in their field. Each module of the training comprises expert interviews, academic lectures, and case studies with a focus on solutions.

Upon successful completion of the certificate programme, our colleagues will be accredited with the title ‘ESG Expert (EBS)’, awarded by EBS University.

“By offering this new and comprehensive training opportunity to all of our ESG colleagues, we are reinforcing our ambition to become the leading professional services firm for ESG services in the market.”
John McCalla-Leacy, Head of Global ESG, KPMG International & Partner and Head of ESG, KPMG in the UK

We are committed to evolving our training programme on ESG for all UK colleagues, and are exploring partnerships with additional academic institutions to build out further expert content.