Essential Services

This service provides prompt professional support related to various ongoing concerns affecting accounting and reporting under IFRS.


We can also provide ongoing consultation support within a framework agreement that has been signed between your company and KPMG. Fees are calculated on an hourly basis by applying an agreed rate. The budget for each individual consultation is agreed with the company in advance. The time frame of delivery of these services ranges from 1 to 20 working days (depending on the complexity of any issues raised).

As part of this service, KPMG offers:

  • advice on various issues related to practical application of separate IFRS,
  • asset review and value calculation upon the request of your company,
  • support in preparing notes for annual and quarterly IFRS financial statements,
  • technical and methodological support during an audit of your company’s annual financial statements.

Benefits and Opportunities

  • Services provided for a certain period of time within the scope of a framework agreement will significantly save time negotiating the contractual conditions of each individual consultation.
  • Under the framework agreement, the fee for each individual consultation will be lower.
  • Your company can get prompt support from KPMG at any time within the agreement terms.
  • The existence of a signed agreement does not bind your company to request our assistance.

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