Essential Services

This service involves screening a company’s current accounting data and identifying the most significant issues that could affect the transition.


  • KPMG conducts diagnostic assessments of your company’s key business operations and processes by holding interviews with company employees from financial, accounting, tax, and other relevant departments.
  • High-level analysis of compliance with the main requirements of IFRS regarding specific relevant transactions.
  • We identify and prepare a list of adjustments required for transitioning your company’s typical operations from Ukrainian GAAP to IFRS, taking into account the industry and business specifics of the company itself.
  • We identify the potential tax implications and risks associated with your company’s transition to, or application of, IFRS.

Benefits and Opportunities

  • KPMG’s Quick Accounting Gap Analysis service is, initially, a professional overview on your company’s accounting system and financial statements. As a result, your company will be able to fully understand what adjustments are needed when accounting and will be able to assess the degree of readiness of said statements for the transition to IFRS.
  • Your company benefits from day-to-day consulting support from KPMG regarding the tax implications and risks related to transitioning Ukrainian GAAP to IFRS, as well as any recommendations for mitigating any adverse risk.
  • Your company also benefits from quick and highquality assistance for a reasonable price, saving significant resources in terms of money and time over the course of its transition to IFRS.

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