Essential Services

Within the scope of this service, KPMG specialists prepare draft interim and/or annual, separate and/or consolidated financial statements; in accordance with IFRS/US GAAP requirements.


If your company does not have the resources necessary for preparing a financial statements package on its own (time, technical knowledge, expertise, etc.), KPMG’s specialists can manage the process of preparing draft financial statements, specifically:

  • analysing the current state of your company’s accounting and financial statements against IFRS requirements,
  • providing advice on potential models and algorithms for transforming and/or consolidating adjustment calculation,
  • preparing and completing transformation and/or consolidation tables,
  • preparing packages for interim and/or annual, separate and/or consolidated financial statements, including notes thereto.

Benefits and Opportunities

  • Your company receives a package of IFRS/US GAAP financial statements prepared by KPMG experts and professionals within a short time frame.
  • Your company will be able to easily adopt IFRS/US GAAP practices with the help of KPMG specialists.
  • This service is flexible and encompasses one or several separate business components as your company deems necessary.
  • Financial reporting prepared by KPMG specialists significantly reduces the number of questions and comments from external auditors.

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