Essential Services

In-depth support encompasses a full range of consulting services that guarantee comprehensive support for your company in the process of transitioning to IFRS and preparing of IFRS financial statements.


  • Stage 1: Diagnostics – an in-depth, detailed analysis of your company’s current situation regarding accounting and reporting readiness for transitioning to IFRS, as well as the identification of any key issues (including analysis of primary documents).
  • Stage 2: Methodology and transformation – KPMG provides methodological support to facilitate the development of models and algorithms for calculating IFRS adjustments and completing transformation tables for transitioning from Ukrainian GAAP to IFRS.
  • Stage 3: Preparing draft IFRS financial statements – KPMG helps your company to prepare a package of financial statements, including notes for interim and/or annual financial statements.
  • Stage 4: Accounting policy – KPMG helps your company to prepare a draft IFRS-compliant accounting policy that takes into account tax and regulatory requirements, and the specifics of your company’s business operations.
  • If requested, KPMG can further analyse and identify the potential tax implications and risks associated with your company’s transition to IFRS.

Benefits and Opportunities

  • Your company gets a comprehensive and high-quality ‘turn-key project’, preparing for its transition to IFRS.
  • Producing financial statements in accordance with all IFRS requirements minimises the risk of needing to make adjustments in following reporting periods.
  • Your company will painlessly adopt the best IFRS practices with the help of KPMG specialists.
  • This service is flexible and encompasses the transition of one or several separate business components, or a combination of components.
  • Support from KPMG specialists will simplify and ease the process for mandatory audits of your company’s annual financial statement

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