Essential Services

This service provides consulting support for your company in the course of an audit.


  • This service is provided as a supplement to KPMG’s ‘Quick Accounting Gap Analysis’ or ‘In-depth support transitioning to IFRS’.
  • In addition to providing advice in identifying and solving problems related to transitioning to IFRS or other applicable separate standards, KPMG specialists conduct a number of detailed interviews with employees and provide recommendations on potential bottlenecks that can be identified and challenged by external auditors. In particular, KPMG specialists:
    • assist in preparing an indicative list of information necessary for an audit,
    • analyse the need to involve external experts, including actuaries, appraisers, etc.,
    • analyse and provide recommendations on internal control systems, accounting and reporting processes, IT systems, etc.
  • Furthermore, KPMG specialists can attend meetings between your company and external auditors and assist in shaping responses to auditor questions of varying complexity.

Benefits and Opportunities

  • With our support, your company will be able to understand the format and scope of the information that needs to be prepared for an external auditor.
  • Your company can identify accounting and reporting issues that require special attention from management and therefore reduce the risk of an auditor finding significant errors in financial statements.
  • Your company benefits from timely additional expertise as necessary.
  • Your company will be able to develop a clear understanding of the key audit issues that may arise and be in a solid position to address such issues.
  • Your company also benefits from an assessment of the degree of your company’s overall readiness to undergo an audit and obtain a positive auditor opinion.

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