Advances in technology, an explosion of data and the need to be more relevant in financial reporting are driving audit transformation. In response, we’re launching our new global audit platform – KPMG Clara.

KPMG Clara brings together data analytics, collaboration and a global audit workflow into a single audit platform. It enhances audit quality, helping us unlock more value from your audit:

  • Integrated, leading-edge technologies, helping us make better informed audit judgements over vast populations
  • Collaboration with you and our audit teams globally through a secure online portal
  • Deeper actionable insights, from the audit, delivered to you throughout the audit process
  • Access to deep industry insights and relevant intelligence, bringing clarity to complex issues, regulations and standards wherever they appear across the globe
  • A consistent and robust audit across multiple locations

KPMG Clara – A gateway into the digital future of audit

As new technologies evolve, so too will KPMG Clara. Already investing in the latest technologies, such as Cloud and cognitive automation, KPMG Clara will grow to integrate new technologies into the mainstream audit.

KPMG Clara is a powerful yet simple, agile and intelligent platform that will enhance audit quality and bring you deeper actionable insights.

The platform integrates new and emerging technologies, with advanced capabilities that leverage data science, audit automation, and data visualization. KPMG Clara for clients gives a 24/7 window into the status of an audit, all in one place. The net result is greater interaction that consists of more targeted and meaningful conversations about specific findings, risks and insights. The KPMG audit benefits from our alliances with leading technology companies such as Microsoft, working to ensure our technology and capabilities are second to none. It’s all part of the transformation of audit to harness the power of leading technology to provide higher quality results.