At KPMG, we know that trust is earned by doing the right thing — not just some of the time but all of the time. And as the world rapidly changes and becomes more complex, this simple principle has never been more important. 

We are committed to the highest  standards of personal and professional behavior throughout our firm in everything we do. Ethics and integrity are core to who we are and why everyone at KPMG is held to this promise of excellence.

Within our Global Code of Conduct, we outline the responsibilities all KPMG people have to each other, our clients, and the public. It shows how our Values inspire our greatest aspirations and guide all of our behaviors and actions. It defines what it means to work at and be part of KPMG, as well as our individual and collective responsibilities.

The Global Code was first published in 2005, updated in 2012 & 2018 and in 2020 to reflect developments in law, regulation and professional ethics, as well as our commitment to making a positive impact on society, communities and the wider world.