Compliance enhancement and transformation: a strategic opportunity

To ensure compliance development, enhancement and transformation are sustainable, we help organizations to

(a) identify and comply with their regulatory requirements and obligations,

(b) increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their entire compliance program by assessing how they can further integrate their technology, processes, and people across the organization,

(c) embed a positive compliance culture within their organization, and

(d) establish senior management oversight on the overall compliance framework of the organization. 

How KPMG can help

KPMG can help you in enhancing, developing, and transforming your compliance governance, culture, and business and risk operations.

Industry relevance: KPMG helps organizations enhance and align their compliance program with the current regulatory environment specific to their industry and geographic jurisdictions. We also help organizations anticipate regulatory changes and better understand peer practices in their respective sector.

Client-specific target operating models: KPMG, using its propriety methodology, assesses the organization’s business activities, regulatory obligations, and requirements to develop a target operating model that is aligned with local regulatory requirements, international standards (ISO 37301:2021), and relevant industry-leading practices and standards. 

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