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The country has a vibrant education sector landscape, with the public sector catering to a very small segment of the population (overwhelmingly UAE nationals) and the dominant private sector catering to the expatriates that make up 90% of the UAE’s population as well as a growing number of UAE nationals who opt for the private sector.

The UAE’s K-12 private school market is expected to continue to grow as favorable demographics and the country’s position as a regional safe haven are likely to increase the number of parents looking for quality education for their children. KPMG is a leading solution provider to educational institutions, with expertise ranging from technology to management advisory services.

We deliver the strategic and infrastructure components which support new and highly dynamic business models in schools, colleges and universities.Our vision is to become ‘architects of the knowledge economy’, delivering sustained competitive advantage to our clients. Our approach is simple: to enable our clients to transform their enterprises using a delivery model that integrates and inter-relates a seamless stream of solutions.

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