Increasing operational efficiency

Increasing operational efficiency

Today, every successful company must do more with less, adapt to changing conditions, innovate and increase business resilience. We will help to increase the efficiency of activities and introduce changes of organizational structure, business processes, technologies, geography of activity and outsourcing.

Given the current requirements for companies in the market of Kazakhstan in 2018, we highlight four main directions in the field of increasing operational efficiency, namely:

  • Diagnosis and development of the target operating model;
  • Optimization of business processes;
  • Development / optimization of organizational structure;
  • Cost optimization.

In addition, We provide a number of services to Increasing operational efficiency, such as:

  • Production Optimization / Productivity management (Lean);
  • Project/ Program Management (Large CAPEX / Infrastructure projects);
  • Operations Benchmark Study;
  • Shared services centers;
  • Service operations design & management;
  • Strategic outsourcing;
  • Decision Making System Assessment and Improvement;
  • Post-Merger Integration (PMI) and etc.

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