Corporate governance

Corporate governance

Corporate governance is a key factor in ensuring sustainable business development and important criteria in management and investment decision making process. Sound and effective corporate governance contributes to the efficiency of financial and economic activities of organization, ensures effective management of risks and internal controls system.

KPMG offers the following corporate governance services:

- Comprehensive diagnostics and development of recommendations on improving corporate governance
- Elaboration of a coporate development program
- Assessment of corporate governance as part of preparations for an IPO
- Diagnostics of corporate governance at investment targets
- Delineation of authorities between different levels of governing bodies and management
- Assistance in ensuring the effective delegation of authorities to hired management
- Improvement of corporate governance processes at subsidiaries
- Assessment of the work of the board of directors and board committees
- Development of a systmen of incentives for board members and executives
- Development of a corporate governance code and other internal corporate documents
- Development and implementation of a code of business conduct
- Improvement of credit rating and corporate governance rating
- Preparation of an annual report based on global best practice, the requirements of local legislation and the requirements at foreign exchanges
- Assistance in meeting the regulatory requirements on corporate governance and information disclosure at Kazakhstan and foreign stock exchanges
- Comprehensive advisory services on information disclosure issues.

KPMG’s approach to corporate governance services is based on our professionals’ many years of practical experience, our own extensive methodological framework, and the use of best practice. Our experience and the constant fine-tuning of our methodology enables us to adapt our services to meet the needs and specific requirements of each individual organization.

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