Enterprise performance management

Enterprise performance management

The KPMG team provides the management of our Clients with the necessary tools that will increase the company’s management efficiency. We help to develop a unified performance management system aimed at achieving the company's strategic goals. The well-coordinated teamwork of KPMG Global experts and our clients will help to reliably and timely highlight all the results of the company's activities at all its levels.

We confidently offer our clients to focus on three key areas that aim at improving the organization's efficiency:

  • Development of planning, forecasting models and performance indicators (KPI);
  • Development of a transparent reporting system that provides up-to-date insights about the company and development prospects;
  • Development of a unified system of performance management that provides detailed analysis.

In addition, We provide a number of services for Enterprise performance management, such as:

  • Balanced Scorecard Implementation;
  • Management by Objectives (MBO)/ Management by Competencies (MBC);
  • Performance Benchmark Study and etc.

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