Cybersecurity - Information protection and Business continuity


Why it is important
Organizations nowadays are actively developing their businesses relying on IT infrastructure as the foundation of business processes, but not all of them pay enough attention to IT security. In 2019, more than 21 thousand incidents of violation of information security of the systems, including government systems, were identified in Kazakhstan. Today, the most valuable asset of any organization is information, and all business processes are based on information and communication technologies. Insufficient information security can lead to data theft, unauthorized access to company resources and malware infection - all this can affect the ability of a business to work and can be fatal for an organization. In these conditions, competently built protection of company data is one of the key conditions for ensuring its competitiveness and development.

  • Hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day. (University of Maryland)
  • 8.4 Million DDoS-attacks were detected in 2019. (NetScout)
  • The average cost of a data breach is $3.92 million as of 2019. (Security Intelligence)
  • Since 2019, the number of DDoS attacks has increased by 80%, malware by 35.16%, spam messages by 26.3%.

How can we help
We offer solutions that are effective for your business in the rapidly changing digital world.

  • Information Security Audit: Assessing the security and vulnerabilities of an IT system, identifying weaknesses and inconsistencies. Based on the results of each audit, we formulate recommendations for improving information security, which are supported by best international practices.
  • Penetration testing: Practical assessment of the level of information system protection against unauthorized access to critical company data, as well as the identification of potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the information security system.
  • Ethical hacking and Digital forensics : Investigating cyber attacks using specialized tools, collecting facts and evidences in order to provide them to investigative authorities and the court, eliminate the consequences of attacks and create a defense plan for the future.
  • Compliance with standards: Verification of compliance with international standards and best practices, forming of recommendations for the development of information security management system and subsequent certification (PCI DSS, ISO 27001), designing necessary policies, procedures and documentations.
  • Business Continuity: Analysis of business processes and development of BCP / DRP plans, training of specialists responsible for the implementation of these plans, testing of BCP / DRP.

How do we do it
In 2019 we were recognized as a market leader in the Forrester Wave report for Cyber Consulting Services for the 3rd consecutive year. Our team in Kazakhstan and Central Asia consists of world-class specialists with such certificates as CISA, CISM, CEH, CHFI, CCNA, CCNP, ISO 27001 LA (a). As experts in information security, with extensive experience working with companies in various sectors of the economy, we offer information security services that affect both organizational and technical aspects that will be effective for your business.

  • Infrastructure Compliance of with high safety standards.
  • Protecting Confidential Data
  • Implementation and development of the information security management function in accordance with ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 and best practices for protecting information from external and internal attacks
  • Protection of network infrastructure, application systems and applications, including mobile and web applications
  • Increased User Awareness
  • Information protection when using cloud technologies, mobile devices (BYOD policy), social networks


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