Transaction Services

Transaction Services

The international KPMG Transaction Services practice includes over 2,700 professionals in 50 countries. Our Transaction Services team can advise and assist you in managing acquisitions and disposals of businesses in Kazakhstan, the CIS, and other countries. We can support you throughout the entire process, from the initial planning up to the closing of a deal; and after closing, we can assist with the integration or separation of the new business.

KPMG's approach focuses on those business processes and issues that are critical for a successful deal. We bring commercial knowledge, industry insight, robust analytical skills and a deep accounting and technical heritage to all engagements.

Our objective is to preserve, create and enhance value for our clients, whether acquiring or disposing of businesses. Investing in CIS presents a number of challenges. We understand how to work in this environment, the issues companies face when they invest and how to get things done here. Our team consists of qualified professionals with extensive transaction and industry experience in Kazakhstan and the CIS.

The international network enables us to assist you on transactions worldwide, applying consistent standards across the board. We have extensive experience from a cross section of transactions, including many landmark deals, in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia, across all sectors.

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