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Summary of the announced measures

Who are eligible for loans?

SMEs (KNF or otherwise), portfolios managed by IBK and other individuals/companies, which have been affected by Covid-19. 


What is the incentive package?

The incentive packages will be in the form of financing for the affected clients with a grace period of one year and a repayment period ranging from 2-3 years, including the grace period with very low interest, and will be paid in quarterly payments.



How to benefit from this fund?

The fund is intended for the companies to pay periodic contractual expenses such as wages, salaries, and other contractual dues. The fund should not be used to pay existing debts 



How to calculate the value of the fund?

The value of the fund will be calculated by the bank on the basis of cash flow of the affected client and is estimated to their need to cover the cash deficit to pay his contractual periodic obligations


How to apply for the loan?

The loan can be applied by visiting the bank website and fill up the form created by the banks for this purpose and submitting the required document.


Summary of the economic package for SMEs

How we can help?

Assisting your business in preparing financial statements according to the accounting principles.

Assisting your company in preparing the cash flow projection for the upcoming periods.

Helping you in preparing the loan application following your bank requirements.