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KPMG Network of Women (K.N.O.W)

As women, the challenges we face are unique — not just at work but in our personal life too. From breaking through glass ceilings to juggling multiple responsibilities, the road to success can be an uphill battle, unless a set of capable hands are holding you steady, guiding you in the direction you want to be.

We recognize the power a safe and empowering space for women, where they can connect, share, and support each other, holds. That’s why, we wanted to build an environment that helped foster a sense of harmony and belonging, empowering women to speak up, take on leadership roles, pursue their goals with confidence, and seek help to do better in general.

The KPMG Network of Women (K.N.O.W) is a community where women can freely discuss their experiences, challenges, and aspirations without the fear of judgment or discrimination. Using the network, our goal is to provide adequate support and resources to address issues specific to women, such as workplace inequality, gender-based violence, and societal expectations.

It is our belief that by coming together in solidarity, women can amplify their voices, advocate for change, and inspire each other to thrive both personally and professionally.