As a new post-COVID era dawns on us, there is a shift in how people look for and engage with their work. HR functions are feeling the pressure from making several swift changes, yet they need to stay one step ahead to better attract and retain talent, and provide people with more compelling reasons to commit to their organization.

Titled Voices from Kuwait, this edition of the report takes into account the inputs of 300 Chief HR Officers (CHROs) to illustrate what today’s HR functions must focus on to overcome current challenges to navigate toward 2025 with purpose. 

To make this report more insightful and relevant to Kuwait, we spoke with 1 mental health expert, and 6 Pathfinders, i.e., new-world HR functions that are preparing for the future by taking strategy to the next level; integrating digital and advancing relational analytics; building talent marketplaces; and putting purpose and well-being first. 

Through this report, we hope to shed light on the capabilities that are paramount for HR functions’ success, and encourage more people to start looking at HR more as a strategic imperative and less so as a ‘performance and payroll’ function.

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The Future of HR

Flux to flow — Voices from Kuwait

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