Who we are, our Vision, and Mission

With market demand for Data, AI & Emerging Tech solutions growing, Lighthouse is KPMG’s answer to helping our clients realize value from Data, AI & Emerging Technology. ​

To help you and your clients profit from data, cloud adoption, AI and other technologies, we provide functional expertise combined with some of the best in tech talent, offerings and alliances.


Realizing value from Data, AI, and Emerging Technology—in everything we do


Build capabilities across the firm in Data, AI, and Emerging Technology—to enable and  deliver the Digital Transformation future of KPMG’s clients

Our Lighthouse Capabilities

  • Strategy & Transformation​
  • Intelligent Automation​
  • Software Development​
  • Data​ Engineering
  • ArtificiaI Intelligence & Advanced Analytics​

Our solutions

In a global business environment framed by disruption, business leaders need facts and insights they can trust. KPMG Digital Lighthouse focuses on four core capabilities that deliver confidence in data – and decisions.

Whether you’re seeking novel approaches, actionable roadmaps or data insights, our innovative solutions address your unique requirements. You choose the level of support you need – from standalone services, to end-to-end solutions.

Data & Analytics
Insights Center
Data & Analytics
Insights Center

Data & Analytics

Putting the power of trusted data in motion

As disruption redefines business models, data is shaping the future. KPMG helps you unlock hidden value by identifying and leveraging the right data sources. We apply data-driven technologies to transform, analyze and visualize your data. Advanced insights inform fast, well-founded business decisions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent automation (IA) will play an important role in tomorrow’s ecosystems. Our AI, IA and analytics know-how combine powerfully with deep industry experience. We help you embrace intelligent technologies confidently and responsibly, and accelerate your strategies at scale.


Master change with innovation

In this era of change, harnessing digital innovations is essential. Companies need to invest in the future now if they want to operate effectively and deliver new value to customers. Ignition guides you with its innovative workshop formats on a journey of discovery. We use qualitative interviews, observations and deep learning to help you articulate your most pressing business issues and challenges. We then outline and deliver solutions that address your specific situation.

Exploration, research and fact-finding offer a solid foundation for confidence as you embark on the next phase of your growth strategy.


Working together to address your toughest business challenges

In tomorrow’s ecosystems, industry lines will be redrawn as collaboration across sectors becomes the new normal. KPMG has built a strong network of alliances with some of the world’s leading technology, data and services companies. Backed by our alliance partners, we provide global reach and combined abilities that address your most pressing technology-based challenges. We co-innovate to bring you the latest tools and methodologies, delivered by business-focused, technology-agnostic advisors.

The result is services and solutions that accelerate business performance, amplify client value and scale global delivery capabilities.

Insights Center

Turn data into insights in our high-tech collaborative environments

You can’t forge a new path with an old map. The KPMG Insights Center enables you to shift your perspective for new-found clarity on your disruptive challenges. Whether your issues relate to Data & Analytics, digital transformation, customer experience or regulatory change, we offer a truly immersive experience that is customized to your unique situation. Interactive sessions accelerate innovation through real-time data exploration and scenario testing. Our industry experts and data specialists can design rapid prototypes for big data systems, machine learning, predictive analytics and more. We bring complex data-enabled technologies to life to help you make better decisions, faster.