Managing complex transactions with international knowledge is crucial as boundaries that separate one jurisdiction from another become less distinct. 

The modern business environment requires an ongoing refinement of strategy. It is frequently necessary to restructure the capital or funding of an enterprise, review contractual commitments to employees and vendors, or to make changes to the legal entity structure of a group in the context of a merger, or to spin-off part of the business.    

All these activities have a potential impact on your business tax liabilities and we believe that KPMG is uniquely positioned to help you plan your strategic changes, understand the requirements and issues, and develop plans of action that will assist you to achieve your objectives effectively and efficiently.     

As Indonesia’s economy continues to grow there is a huge need for new and improved infrastructure. If you are considering establishing a new business, or bidding for a project, we can help you:    

  • Understand the applicable regulatory requirements;
  • Position your new investment, or structure your project, to access appropriate available incentives and tax treaty benefits;
  • Develop tax-effective legal, financing and operating structures for projects.