Anti-Money Laundering and Trade Sanctions Services

Anti-Money Laundering and Trade Sanctions Services

KPMG Forensic’s Global Anti-Money Laundering & Trade Sanctions team is uniquely placed to assist member firm clients in protecting themselves.

KPMG Forensic’s Global Anti-Money Laundering & Trade Sanctions team is uniquely placed to

From ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ and ‘Combating the Financing of Terrorism’ (AML/CFT) reviews to Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our award-winning AML & Trade Sanctions team brings clients tailored, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions.

Our work draws on an experienced team comprising former law enforcers, bank regulators, compliance officers and data analysts that has helped institutions resolve money laundering, sanctions and other financial crime issues locally and regionally.


How we can help:


  • Optimize effectiveness and efficiency of Transaction Monitoring Systems through Machine Learning. Tuning optimization results in fewer and better-quality alerts.
  • Utilize advanced Machine Learning techniques to automate sanctions alert review process by reducing false positive alerts.
  • Leverage market data and analytics to take a more holistic approach towards Trade Finance compliance reviews.
  • Perform deep-dive analysis, including the use of Advanced Analytics, on internal AML and Sanctions compliance programs.
  • Reduce third-party screening cost through KPMG’s KYC name screening solution (K3PID). K3PID utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically adjudicate potential hits for first level review, resulting in more than 50% cost savings for clients.


Our services include:


  • Gap Analysis and Benchmarking

AML program review service to identify further enhancement opportunity and design testing on organization rule base or system aligning regulatory expectations and industry better practices.


  • Enterprise – Wide Risk Assessment

Enterprise-wide analysis assistance of the Money-Laundering/Terrorist Financing (ML/TF) risks applicable to your organization, business line, product offering, or customer base in accordance with regulatory requirements and leading industry practices. Enhancement of existing risk assessment methodology and develop a program that leverages on your existing tools to facilitate periodic risk assessment.


  • AML Training

Provide tailored classroom- based or online trainings as well as e-learning modules for different audiences within your organization.


  • Target Operating Model (TOM)

Assist in developing tailored AML TOM to mitigate ML/TF risks that may be associated with your business, customers and product offering in accordance with a risk-based approach.


  • Transaction Monitoring Calibration and Effectiveness Testing

Analyze transaction monitoring program against regulatory requirements and leading industry practices. Improve effectiveness of your Transaction Monitoring Systems (TMS) calibration and threshold parameters and script logic fine-tuning, which is one of the key challenges faced by financial institutions: the significant percentage of false positives experienced when reviewing the alerts generated by rule-based. We can also help increase the capacity of your investigators using robotics process automation in the data and information extraction/collation processes.

With the growing interest in the application of machine learning and advanced analytics in transaction monitoring to replace rule-based TMS, we have also developed capabilities in the evaluation and development of such applications.


  • Remediation, Regulatory Investigation and Look Back 

Assist organizations in remediating significant control failures that may arise, whether self-identified or as a result of regulatory action. This includes transaction monitoring investigations, and/or look backs, sanctions investigations, know-your-customer remediation and investigations in response to regulatory inquiry or request.


  • Sanction Screening and System Validation 

Support in the evaluation, design and implementation of a sanctions program, identifying opportunities for enhancements to meet regulatory requirements and leading industry practices. 


At forensic, we leverage technology, data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to deploy digital solutions that not only address our client’s needs but also improve effectiveness and cost efficiency.

Here’s how data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning can be deployed to detect and mitigate risks of money laundering.

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