As the business and regulatory environment continues to evolve, organizations face unprecedented regulatory scrutiny and emerging and systemic risks that can challenge traditional strategies and assumptions. For business leaders, this means balancing the pursuit of corporate performance objectives, while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. As a result, many organizations are seeking answers that will help them align corporate strategy and culture to protect financial and reputational assets, as well as enhance business value. They recognize that, in both the short and long term, successful companies will be those that can manage risk, drive business performance and achieve regulatory compliance in an environment in which these outcomes must be managed strategically and with agility.

Our Risk Consulting partners and professionals help turn risk and compliance efforts into opportunities to drive sustainable business value. This begins with developing the right approach to risk - one that enables organizations to seize competitive advantage by:

  • Improving risk intelligence and strengthening decision making and business strategy
  • Driving business performance through convergence of risk and compliance processes and programs
  • Increasing business value by transforming business models to be more risk adept 

At the same time, keeping up with changing regulatory standards has never been easy. For multinational organizations, dealing with compliance in different jurisdictions adds a layer of complexity, while efforts to comply with Basel II & III, Solvency, Sarbanes-Oxley and other industry-focused regulations have been onerous. Smart and agile companies see a changing regulatory landscape as a significant opportunity to examine processes and boost investor and market confidence. 

Our services include:


Enterprise Risk Management 

Financial Risk Management

Internal Audit and Controls

  • Board advisory services
  • Internal control implementation
  • Internal audit outsourcing/co-outsourcing
  • Intellectual property (IP) services/contract compliance
  • Strategic performance review 

Accounting Advisory Services

  • Improving the speed and quality of financial reporting
  • Improving the financial reporting process
  • Converting to International Financial reporting Standards (IFRS)

Climate Change & Sustainability Services

  • Corporate climate change strategy
  • Renewable energy advisory
  • Carbon advisory