KPMG has worked with global businesses for decades, helping our clients transform their organizations and realize the full potential of their people and technology – business transformation is at the heart of what we do, each and every day.

Our strengths lie in our ability to combine business and technology solutions, our knowledge of efficient processes and of our colleagues' deep expertise. This approach is essential to stay competitive nowadays.

We put tomorrow’s technology at the service of our clients' business success today. We assess the business, operational and digital success factors of our clients' businesses. We design a business transformation and technology plan, then implement and systemise the improvements. We keep the systems we deliver up to date.

We share our knowledge and experience with our clients following our KPMG Center of Digital Excellence approach. Our goal is to make companies' business operations future-proof through digital technology developments and ESG (environmental, social and governance) considerations, helping them to innovate.

Let's shape the future together! Thank you for joining us on this journey!


What a difference an insight makes

The missing link between data and value is insight – the ability to analyze and interpret data to help influence decisions and drive change.


Meet the people making the difference

Vision, insight and deep expertise, enabled by the latest technology, help to make a difference.

Balajti Péter

“Successful transformation requires grounded decisions, targeted technology, and a good team.”

Péter Balajti
Manager, Strategy and operations

Deme Ágnes

“To reduce greenhouse gas emissions successfully, we need reliable data and continuous monitoring of these data, along with the right strategy.”

Ágnes Deme
Manager, ESG and sustainability services

Gazsó Emese

“Organised processes and a systematically structured system can provide a solid basis for compliant ESG reporting and increased competitiveness.”

Emese Gazsó
Principal consultant, Accounting advisory

Halász Erika

“In a successful business, trust is built into the culture.”

Erika Halász
Director, Strategy and operations

Hankó Edina

“Savvy experts, regulated processes, platformisation - the cornerstones of a digital financial environment.”

Edina Hankó
Director, Accounting advisory

Ignácz Péter

“Our data can be a valuable asset to our business if we can interpret it well.”

Péter Ignácz
Manager, Technology advisory, Data & analytics/h3>

Kálmán Anna

“Technology and people working together is changing the way we do business. To be able to succeed, we need to learn to ask the right questions."

Anna Kálmán
Senior manager, Strategy and operations

Kulcsár Huba

“Agility and consciousness are essential for process improvement.”

Huba Kulcsár
Senior manager, Technology and project advisory

Matek Kamilló

“The security of the systems that run your business is essential.”

Kamilló Matek
Senior manager, KPMG Cyber Labs

Nagy Julianna

“Technology is fundamental to transforming ESG efforts into business benefits.”

Julianna Nagy
Senior manager, ESG and sustainability services

Orbán Krisztián

“It is not enough to buy the technology; we must also ensure its sustainable use.”

Krisztián Orbán
Director, Technology advisory, Data & automation

Pozsár Attila

“People are the weakest link in cybersecurity, but with technology and the right expertise, risks can be reduced by an order of magnitude.”

Attila Pozsár
Igazgató, Cyber security services

Soltész József

“A well-built digital system can regulate itself.”

József Soltész
Senior manager, Financial risk management

Szabolcs Gergely

“Through measurement, analysis, process improvement and automation, investment risk can be reduced.”

Gergely Szabolcs
Director, Financial risk management

Szalai-Bordás Gergő

"Technology is already an inevitable part of the legal landscape."

dr. Gergő Szalai-Bordás
Senior associate, Legal services

Szalai Péter

"Comprehensive financial solutions tailored to individual needs."

Szalai Péter
Associate Partner, Financial risk management

Varga András

"Proper data collection and analysis helps operators to gain a deeper understanding of the architectural-technical, usage and market knowledge of real estate."

András Varga
Manager, Real estate advisory

Varga László

"Successful companies know and use the generated data."

László Varga
Manager, Technology advisory, Data & automation

Verasztó Bence

"Digital transformation is a key step towards data-driven decision-making."

Bence Verasztó
Director, Technology advisory, Data & automation

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