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What a difference an insight makes

The missing link between data and value is insight – the ability to analyze and interpret data to help influence decisions and drive change.

3 strategies

for turning people data into insight using tech.

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3 critical success factors

for businesses looking to implement AI.

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7 market factors

that should be on telecom leaders' minds in these challenging times.

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CX drives life insurance choices

as consumers increasingly compare the experience to other online shopping purchases.

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US$72 billion

The size the metaverse healthcare market is expected to increase by 2023.

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16 million

cars will be driven on a subscription basis by 2025.

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10 gen AI need-to-knows

and the potential opportunities and use cases.

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Five digital transformation challenges

A risk-averse culture ranks among the top five challenges, threatening innovation.

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of technology, media and telecommunications leaders say they plan to increase or maintain their investments in the metaverse in the next 2 to 4 years.

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of CEOs have an aggressive digital investment strategy in play.

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of finance leaders say ESG risks are a key focus area.

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of CEOs see a link between ESG and digital investment.

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>2 years

The expected timeframe for businesses to embrace emerging technologies.

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The dual drivers of transformational growth

Experts weigh in on the two operational priorities for achieving growth.

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of executives are focused on improving the employee experience across enterprise processes.

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Five key mistakes

KPMG professionals see as businesses embrace cloud capabilities.

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Eight key cybersecurity considerations

for 2023 include trust, partnerships and resilience.

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of executives have generated returns from digital investments.

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5 steps to building trust through cybersecurity

In an uncertain, constantly shifting environment, digital trust is crucial.

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Four reasons

why CEOs think ESG is integral to long-term success.

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