Artificial intelligence (AI) is opening up entirely new avenues for improving experiences, delivering new value streams and transforming business models. KPMG combines our deep industry expertise and advanced technical skills to help business leaders harness the power of AI to accelerate time-to-value in a trusted manner – from strategy and design through implementation and ongoing operations. AI pushes boundaries: You are now empowered to do more. Make smarter decisions. Achieve your vision faster. Give yourself a competitive edge. 

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AI-based solutions within the organisation for value creation

According to forecasts AI based solutions will continuously expand both globally and on corporate level. Solutions based on AI technology will initially emerge as a use-case within an organisation, which may then be extended to the enterprise level, and eventually entire industries will be transformed by the adoption of AI-based technologies.

How to increase our profit?

- Increased profit margins across products and services
- Optimised IT infrastructure
- Optimal regulatory compliance
- Automated operational activities/processes

How does it give us a competitive advantage?

- Breaking down silos
- Improved decision-making
- More effective risk management and security
- Deeper insights into employee performance and labour market trends

How do our customers benefit?

- Simplified customer service
- Personalised marketing
- Dynamic pricing
- Tailored multi-channel user journeys

How do you attract more users or customers?

- Improved brand reputation
- Prediction of market trends
- Automated R&D processes
- Opportunity identification across new market segments

What kind of value are leading adopters creating?

What kind of value are leading adopters creating?

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Getting started

Where do you begin your AI journey? Explore our solutions and services for leaders to unlock new business value.

In line with the adoption of AI-based solutions within companies, it will also be essential to develop an AI strategy. KPMG's AI strategy is based on 6 dimensions that take into account all possible aspects involved:

Getting started

Vision & Strategy​

Define a high-level, clear strategy on how AI can create tangible business value.

Governance, Risk & Ethics​

Ensure that the AI strategy is consistent with governance, security protocols, regulatory requirements and ethical standards.

Technology & Tooling​

Advanced IT infrastructure, software tools and frameworks are needed to support the full AI development lifecycle.

Data Management​

Ensure the collection, storage, quality, availability and ethical use of data in order to make AI-based developments effective.


Learn agile operational methodologies and a data-driven approach to improve processes and optimise operational efficiency.

People & Culture

Assessing the skills and culture required for AI, and then identifying the skills gaps that need to be filled through training.

Towards shared value creation

Our consultants have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in planning, preparing, implementing and creating a control environment for the introduction of modern technology solutions that contribute to the successful achievement of our clients' goals. We believe that the experience of our previous work, our internal AI pilot projects and our experts, as well as our commitment to high quality delivery, make our services the ideal choice to meet the goals and objectives set by our clients.

Our goal is to create an AI strategy for our clients that is sustainable and continuously creates value, which we are supported in achieving by our international partners (Microsoft, Google). In each case, we apply our comprehensive methodology to our clients' specific objectives and develop the appropriate practice following a joint assessment of needs.

A KPMG Trusted AI approach: We are committed to upholding ethical standards for AI solutions that align with our Values and professional standards, and that foster the trust of our clients, people, communities, and regulators. Learn more about our KPMG Trusted AI approach on our website.

01 Survey

  • Complete the KPMG AI maturity survey.​

  • Joint definition of a framework for AI strategy development.​

  • Identify key stakeholders to be involved.

  • Assess the organisation against the 6 dimensions of the KPMG AI strategy.
  • ​ ​

02 Preparation

  • Detailed assessment of the current AI maturity level of the organisation. ​

  • Analysis of key issues, challenges, strengths, taking into account regulatory compliance.​

  • Identify and prioritise the AI use case(s) with the highest added value.​

  • Effective development of a successful organisation-wide AI strategy and roadmap.
  • ​ ​

03 Transformation

  • Start transformation according to the AI strategy developed.

  • The aim is to gain a deep understanding and analysis of the business problems in order to properly prepare the organisation for the successful use of AI solutions.
  • A strong focus on organization-wide education related to the implementation and use of AI solutions to ensure that employees have the right baseline knowledge and realistic expectations.

  • Fine-tune AI use case and strategy as necessary. ​
  • ​ ​

04 Development

  • ​We implement the agreed use-case(s) together with the business owners, track and measure the business value realised by the solution, linking back to the key points of the AI strategy.

  • The solutions developed span from simple predictive modelling to more complex Deep Learning, NLP or generative AI algorithms and their application and integration into processes.
  • The development will include the ability for employees to use these tools at user level and to understand their results and limitations.

AI solutions


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