Our approach

The taxation of trusts and estates are constantly evolving, both locally and globally. Changes in law, practice or in the approach of tax authorities across the globe can have major ramifications. Economic shifts and digitalisation are both fundamentally changing the nature of tax implications for trusts and estates. New challenges in tax compliance and global taxation of the digital economy are adding to the overall complexity. Additionally, your approach to the taxation of trusts and estates is subject to public scrutiny and can affect brand reputation. 

Our Trusts and Estates team can provide advice on a range of issues, considering your specific needs and objectives. With support from our experts you can make better decisions regarding tax and stay compliant.

As we continue to see increased M & A activity we have become developed expertise in high level risk rating over client books. This is a service aimed across a Trust companies’ portfolio but the skill set can be utilised to help identify red flags and develop tax risk policy suitable to the evolving environment we operate within.

How we can support you

We can support trustees on tax advisory and compliance matters, in the UK, the Crown Dependencies and overseas.  Our services include but are not limited to:

  • UK and international tax compliance and advisory work for offshore structures;
  • HMRC tax investigations and enquiries and voluntary disclosures;
  • Reviewing, creating, simplifying and unwinding trust structures;
  • Tax risk policy review, creation and assistance with implementation including red flag reporting;
  • Residence and domicile reviews for settlors and beneficiaries; and
  • Training on key matters and areas of interest/concern.

Our services extend beyond taxation, we see key trends emerging out of COVID-19 where Governance, Succession, Purpose and Philanthropy are at the forefront of ours and your clients minds. We have local expertise and global support to help guide your clients through these key milestones in a way that works for them.