Our approach

KPMG in the Crown Dependencies’ US Investor Reporting practice understands the ever-changing and challenging business and regulatory environment. Our objective is simple: leverage the investment in our people and our technology to provide the tools and resources organisations need to facilitate effective and efficient reporting. Organisations need to be ready to be compliant and ready for the changing future of tomorrow.

Our professionals bring tax and accounting expertise, as well as a deep understanding of domestic and international investor reporting requirements, working alongside them to help with transforming the way that investor reporting is managed. We have a successful track record of assisting clients with their US investor reporting obligations and have assisted a variety of entities including partnerships and companies.

How we can support you

From the outset of an engagement, our US Investor Reporting practice establishes a core team to provide a single point of contact and manage the overall relationship and services. Trained in industry best practices for investor reporting services, our team of professionals works to provide a clear, logical approach to help facilitate the success of the engagement.  

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