KPMG in the Crown Dependencies are pleased to announce their new sponsorship with the Energy & Sustainability Centre (ESC) Isle of Man, creating a partnership that will empower a green future for the island. 

The new partnership will champion both organisations shared vision of a green transition and affordable energy through a variety of work including panels, events and courses.

The ESC is a non-profit educational institute that promotes education and collaboration between industry, government, academia and society. The new initiative, led by Ralph Peake, with scientific support from Dr Dave Quirk and John Boucher, is striving to help the Isle of Man progress to a sustainable economy. The centre will work closely with the private and public sectors to educate people on the practicalities of reducing carbon emissions of greenhouse gases and champion the agenda in the public arena.

In line with KPMG’s public commitment to become a net-zero carbon organisation by 2030, the local firm is one of the founding partners of the Energy & Sustainability Centre joining others such as Zurich and The Peel Group. The centre’s vision for a green transition and affordable energy aligns with KPMG’s IMPACT plans, covering the firm’s commitments to create a positive change across four important pillars: Planet, People, Prosperity, and Governance.

As part of these plans, KPMG has been actively involved in local initiatives, which include their recent ‘Rainbow Allotment’ project, visiting primary schools to work with children to have fun, educate and promote sustainability by growing various vegetables in all shapes and sizes in their own rainbow planter. In addition, the firm joined forces with Manx Wildlife Trust earlier in the year, with the collective vision of working together and using each other’s ‘know-how’, to promote sustainability and climate change mitigation in the island.

Simon Nicholas, Head of ESG and Renewables at KPMG in the Crown Dependencies commented, “ESC shares our mission of helping the Isle of Man work towards a net-zero future, so we’re delighted to be one of the institutes founding sponsors. Mitigating the effects of climate change is at the centre of KPMG’s IMPACT plan and we believe our collaboration will drive a brighter, greener, and happier future for our island’s people.”

He followed on by saying, “As well as transitioning the entire island and all lifestyles to a net zero way of living, it is critical to the economy and the protection of jobs that international businesses with commitments sooner than 2050 are supported and are able to achieve their objectives by 2030.”

Ralph Peake, Founder of the Energy & Sustainability Centre, comments, “With the Isle of Man committed to net zero emissions by 2050, the collaboration between the public and private sectors is crucial to meeting this target. The partnership with KPMG puts us in a stronger position to deliver on our goals of educating and advising on the practicalities of cutting emissions of greenhouse gases, and helping the island achieve its climate change commitments.”

If you would like to find out more about the Energy & Sustainability Centre, please visit their website at


Pictured below (left to right): Ralph Peake, Founder of the Energy & Sustainability Centre and Simon Nicholas, Head of ESG and Renewables, KPMG in the Crown Dependencies

Ralph Peake and Simon Nicholas