We are pleased to present the final papers of the “On the 2024 Agenda” series.

Many Boards now have specific ESG committees and we ask "will boards 'hold their nerve’ in doing what’s right over the long-term?"

How companies address climate change, diversity, equality and inclusion issues and other ESG risks is now viewed as fundamental to business and critical to long-term sustainability and value creation. In our paper "On the 2024 ESG committee agenda", we highlight seven issues for ESG committees to keep in mind as they consider and carry out their 2024 agendas. 

Executive compensation has been under intense scrutiny over the past two years, as well as shareholder and investor revolts, which is unlikely to lessen in a post-pandemic world. In our paper “On the 2024 remuneration committee agenda”, we highlight considerations for remuneration committees as they examine their policies and decisions with the continued focus on restraint and impact of pay on the wider workforce.

Please get in touch with our team if you have any questions regarding any of these papers or any of the other latest “On the 2024 Agenda” papers.

On the 2024 audit committee agenda

On the 2024 board agenda

On the 2024 nomination committee agenda