Are you confident that your prospective investment has not been involved in legally or ethically questionable behavior? Are you exposing yourself to unforeseen risks when engaging with an important new business partner? What is your new distributor’s reputation amongst competitors, clients and partners? Are you looking to avoid undisclosed third-party risks when entering a new market? These are only few questions that our bespoke practice sitting within the Forensic department can help answer

Having a global geographical footprint, our multilingual Corporate Intelligence teams collect and analyze information to empower our clients to make better-informed decisions pertinent to client and business partner acceptance, investment opportunities and other external factors affecting their business.

Our service lines

Integrity Due Diligence - In-depth investigation of reputational and integrity-related risks associated with an agent, supplier, distributor, customer or other third party prior to a significant business transaction or new market entry

Pre-M&A Integrity Due Diligence - Deep-dive investigation of an M&A target’s reputation and integrity profile, which is conducted to identify integrity risks that other due diligence stages are not designed to cover 

Compliance Due Diligence - Short-scope ‘hygiene’ background check on a company or individual carried out during the establishment or continuation of a business relationship to ensure compliance with internal policies or external regulations 

Pre-Employment Screening - Running due diligence screening on new hires over the course of the recruitment process or as part of a screening campaign in relation to the existing workforce 

Asset Tracing - Obtaining intelligence in relation to a target’s assets during commercial disputes (including assessing the viability of filing a lawsuit), enforcement of judgments and recovery orders, internal investigations and lifestyle analyses 

Investigative Research - Bespoke piece of Corporate Intelligence work designed to deliver information upon less conventional client requests within special projects that may not fit into traditional service lines

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