KPMG collaborated with the United Arab Emirates Cyber Security Council to explore the future of cyber security over the next 50 years. Our research focuses on the myriad issues arising from the adoption of information technology and highlights the current trends that are expected to impact our lives in the upcoming decades. These megatrends include demographics, climate change, health challenges and energy consumption.

KPMG experts created a set of “Imagine if” scenarios that explore the potential socio-political implications of technological advances. In our vision of the future, developments in immersive virtual reality will blur real life and fiction, with businesses thriving in the virtual world and data becoming the new money. Robots will seamlessly integrate into our lives, from personal care to military systems, while AI will be able to predict and shape the future. Hyperconnected sensors and advanced weaponry will also grant unprecedented omniscience and machines may develop the capability to read human thoughts and manipulate our DNA.

To prolong the human lifespan, the rich and powerful will consider cloning, genetic manipulation and transferring memories to AI. Finally, with a focus on integrity, transparent supply chains will emerge, and cyber security will become an even more important part of national defense.

New models providing higher abstraction levels of permitted interactions between people and AI systems will be required, in addition to the need of new licensing frameworks. Cyber operations are expected to become more automated, forming partnerships between security professionals, AI tools and the decision-making systems that support them.

In this report, we present valuable insight on potential policy decisions the UAE can consider to maximize its cyber resilience over the next 50 years. This includes a progressive legal framework underpinned by new laws that improve the country’s ability to deal with advanced forms of fakery, deception, manipulation and criminal activity in the information space.It has been our privilege to witness the UAE’s growthover the years, and we look forward to contributing to its continued advancement in cyber innovation.



Imagine if...

To bring the future to life, we have developed a series of “Imagine if” themes which consider the possible sociopolitical implications of technological trends.


The creation of virtual worlds

Imagine if... we couldn’t differentiate truth and fiction

Imagine if... people become lost in the virtual world

The rise of robotics and artificial intelligence

Imagine if... machines had become smarter than us

Imagine if... machines could predict the future

A world of networked sensors and effectors

Imagine if... nano and micro machines were everywhere

Imagine if... weapons always found their target

A coming together of people and machines

Imagine if... machines anticipate our every need

Imagine if... machines could read (or write) our minds

Imagine if... machines could read (or write) our DNA

What will the long term really bring?

Securing the UAE’s vision

The UAE has outlined the principles upon which it will build leading up to its centennial year in 2071. These principles chart the strategic roadmap for the UAE’s new era of economic, political and social growth – from strengthening the union and institutions to placing digital, technical and scientific development at the heart of its economic development.

They will act as guidelines for all institutions in the UAE as the country approaches a new phase of development over the next five decades. They are part of the ‘Projects of the 50’ campaign, and are as follows.

Strengthening the union

The key national focus shall remain the strengthening of the union, its institutions, legislature, capabilities and finances.


The best economy

We will strive over the upcoming period to build the best and most dynamic economy in the world.


A robust foreign policy

The Emirates’ foreign policy is a tool that aims to serve our higher national goals, the most important of which is the Emirates’ economic interests.


Human capital

The main future driver for growth is human capital: developing the educational system, recruiting talent, retaining specialists and continuously building skills.


Neighborly ties

Good neighbourliness is the basis of stability. The geographical, social and cultural position of the country in its region is the first line of defence for its security, safety and its future development.


A hub of excellence

Consolidating the reputation of the Emirates globally is a national mission for all institutions. The Emirates is one destination for business, tourism, industry, investment and cultural excellence.


Embracing innovation

The digital, technical and scientific excellence of the Emirates will define its development and economic frontiers.


A defined set of values

The core value system in the Emirates shall remain based on openness and tolerance, the preservation of rights, the rule of justice and the law.


Humanitarian aid

The Emirates’ foreign humanitarian aid is an essential part of its vision and moral duty towards less fortunate peoples.


Peace and stability

Calling for peace, harmony, negotiations and dialogue to resolve all disputes is the basis of the Emirates’ foreign policy.



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