I became aware of KPMG very early in my career, when I was part of an executive search firm—KPMG India was my key account. Friends and colleagues who were employed with the firm at that point shared many inspiring stories. Their experiences planted a seed which eventually inspired me to pursue a career with the firm.

After a gratifying stint with a specialized HR consulting firm, I joined KPMG Singapore in the People & Change Advisory team. One unique thing I learned about KPMG early on was that you were not restricted in what you do or what you can do. Within a short span of time, I had the opportunity to work on diverse engagements across various people, organization, operations, and strategy solutions. This broadened my mindset, challenged my conceptual thinking and, as a result, I found myself continuously evolving.

In 2015 I joined the People & Change team at KPMG Lower Gulf—a small, tightknit unit, as we were still getting established in the region. Given my previous experience, I saw various untapped opportunities. Fortunately, I was given the flexibility to experiment and take chances. I was empowered to explore and launch new solutions, frameworks and collaborations locally, as well as globally, gaining prominence in the region. In turn, we successfully increased our market share.


I even had the opportunity to travel to Greece to explore a new solution with our member firms, and this experience became all the richer personally as it was the first professional goal that I achieved as a working mum of a  six-month old baby boy. It was a unique learning experience—new skills, a diverse team and diapers! I must add that being a working parent has never been a barrier for me. Fortunately, I have always been able to strike a balance between the personal and the professional.

I thrive on change (ironically, this has been a constant in my life!) and KPMG has always challenged me to push my limits. As the firm continues to grow, I am constantly on the lookout for new, cutting-edge technologies and opportunities to incorporate more mature solutions within the practice.

I have never been restricted to a particular path. Rather, I have been encouraged to draw a clear business case and find my own way forward. My mantra remains “aim higher.” I am truly grateful to KPMG’s leadership for the trust, flexibility and space provided to me. This has allowed me to grow professionally and contribute to the KPMG story.

Reflecting the success and growth I experienced at various steps, I continually encourage my team to experiment, create and incubate. I believe this approach will shape the future leaders of KPMG.

Growth never happens by mere chance. For me, growth at KPMG has been by taking chances.