Are you a college student and not sure of your career choice yet? Come intern with us to get a flavor of what working at a professional services firm looks like. With a range of practice areas and thousands of clients, you can gain invaluable insight into the world of business and work by joining us for a few weeks or months in between your studies, or as you plan your entry into the workforce

KPMG's Excel Internship Program is a great opportunity to develop new skills and enjoy new experiences. It will also help you to kick-start your career and gain experience on real-time, real-life projects. Additionally, you’ll get to meet new people and work with the brightest minds and, most importantly, it may lead to a potential graduate offer. 

What we look for in our interns:

At KPMG, attitude is every bit as important as ability. Being a team player, having passion for what you do and a desire to continuously improve, develop and innovate will take you far. Independent thinking is essential. We want interns who can look at a task or problem from a variety of angles and bring new perspectives. We value innovative ideas and we’re interested in you and your unique take on the world.

Not only this, you will also undergo various training programs to develop technical as well as soft skills.