Thought Leadership

Making data-driven decisions on cyber security

If you can't prevent all cyber risks, how do you protect what matters?

This report will help you understand:

  1. How to get a holistic view of your cyber security risk exposure
  2. How to improve your cyber resiliency
  3. Meaningful metrics for cyber risk quantification
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Data driven insights: Make better cyber risk management decisions

A quick start guide to cyber risk quantification

This guide will help you understand:

  1. How cyber risk quantification works
  2. How to adopt cyber risk quantification
  3. How to take data-driven approach to making investment decisions and measuring performance
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Cyber risk modelling and quantification

How can we rethink cyber-attack likelihood quantification

In this paper, we will show how cyber risk modelling and quantification can:

  1. Focus investment on what matters for cyber risk reduction
  2. Provide robust and consistent decision making rationale
  3. Realise business benefits proportionate to the implementation effort involved
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