Why CRI?

Cyber Risk Insights gives you a comprehensive view of the potential financial losses in the event of a cyber-attack, as well as the best ‘bang for buck’ investments to help mitigate those attacks. This allows you to make defensible and data-driven decisions and can help you prioritise your remediation efforts.

Express risk quantitatively

CRI makes the adoption of quantitative techniques quick and simple and improves the objectivity of risk assessments by producing consistent, data-driven results.

  • Quickly see the average expected loss for each scenario
  • Understand your cyber security posture at an individual assessment level and also at an aggregate level – useful for where you have a portfolio of risk to manage

Understand your weaknesses

Quickly identify the capabilities that are contributing the most, and least, to your defences and overall risk reduction.

  • Identify the weakest defences at each step of the attack path
  • See how your defences have improved over time with additional assessments

Make the case to the board

CRI’s logical and transparent approach helps you to communicate cyber risk to senior stakeholders, demonstrate the business benefits of cyber capabilities and make compelling investment cases.

  • Get an overview of your planned investments and how they impact your risk position
  • Ensure investments are focused on best bang-for-buck options

Help optimise investments

Determining an optimal cyber capability investment strategy, to help achieve best bang-for-buck risk reduction.

  • Input the cost of your improvements to understand the benefit in terms of reduced expected cyber losses
  • Build your optimal investment strategy through what-if analysis