Transform your operations and deliver results

Whether you work across the value chain, or you focus on a specific element such as deploying cloud technologies in your procurement function or redefining your supply chain flows taking into account changing customer needs, creating a resilient and agile supply chain is needed.

It’s never been harder to source and buy the right products and fulfil customer needs in the right place at the right time. The operations function has changed as a result.

Companies are now looking to improve the visibility, efficiency, transparency and security of their supply chains. They’re looking to build a value chain that is collaborative, agile, ethical and able to adapt to disruption and change.

Operations has moved beyond the role of a cost-effective business enabler; it is now the source of competitive advantage, growth and an instrumental part of the board’s decision making and insight. The role of the procurement and supply chain functions have evolved and the people, tools and decision making involved has transformed from monthly planning cycles to in-day decision making.

It’s not a one size fits all - nobody’s growth plan, procurement function, or supply chain is the same. The insight you need will always need to be tailored for you.

We work with you to provide fact-based, actionable insights. We help you strengthen the connections between the front, middle and back offices of your business. From sustainable sourcing to supplier collaborations, our sector experts will identify issues and pressures with the highest improvement potential. This deep insight means we can share what's coming over the hill, from threats and disruptions to opportunities and innovations. We offer insights that enable you to build and execute an operations strategy best suited for your company.

Building an effective operations strategy with technology

To support your digital transformation, we provide an accelerated deployment of proven digital and technological change. This can be through the deployment of our leading toolkit of cloud-based procurement software and capability or optimising the supply chain through artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics.

You can achieve visibility and control across the value chain with our leading-edge capabilities:

Digital Supply Chain transformation - transforming your supply chains through the adoption of digital technologies to provide enhanced visibility and insights to enable better decisions and improve resilience, and to identify cost and service improvements across the value chain.

  • Supply chain insight – enabling effective decision making and identifying additional supply chain value
  • Cloud supply chain technology – harnessing the latest technologies and business practices to transform Supply Chain planning and execution capabilities
  • Supply chain resilience – understanding and managing risk, improving resilience and reducing ethical impacts in the extended supply chain
  • Operational excellence – deliver a step change in performance through the digitisation of operational processes, decisions and performance management

Powered Procurement transformation - transforming your procurement function using leading technologies to enable next generation procurement operating models that deliver greater business value and competitive advantage.

  • Procurement insights and the ability to drive more value from spend through advanced analytics, Category Management 3.0 and strategy collaboration tools
  • Cloud procurement technology that provides the backbone of a more customer centric, automated and efficient procurement function
  • Value delivery working alongside you to realise bottom line value on your most complex procurement programmes