Three years after COVID-19 emerged, the NHS is still catching up. Ever-longer waiting lists, staff shortages and stretched funds are just some of the pressures facing NHS leaders.

Our recent research report that delves into the experience of citizens, show that patient satisfaction with the NHS has dropped to the lowest levels seen this side of the millennium, and evidence suggests that this impacts their attitude towards their own health and the ultimate health outcome. Our research shows just how the benefits of citizen-centric design of digital services can and should be exploited, and that accessibility to core services is a must have for overall satisfaction.

Some of the key points from the research highlights: 

  • Citizen sentiment towards the NHS decreases for 2022
  • The gap is increasing between high citizen expectations and the way in which a healthcare service is actually delivered
  • Digital transformation must be citizen-led for long term sustainability
  • Workforce empowerment, using digital as an enabler is key for driving great experiences

Our 2022 key insights addresses what new themes have emerged from the citizen feedback, and how NHS organisations can turn these insights into action.

You can download the latest report to understand truly matters most to citizens that will enable the NHS to combat resource pressures, whilst in parallel, deliver a world class citizen experience.

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