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Disruption dominates the CFO agenda

Never before has the demand on Banks and Finance functions to respond to the numerous paradigm shifting forces been greater – the need to become agile, an unpredictable and disruptive business environment, and increasing demands from stakeholders to be more digital and customer centric. As Banks are looking to transform their business models to align with market expectations, CEOs and CIOs are looking to their Finance functions to take grater strategic responsibilities.

Our annual report provides CFOs with deep insights on what the word “leading” means for Finance cost, operating model and digital adoption. It allows them to identify gap to leading practices in all of these dimensions and what they could be investing in to bridge these for their organisation. Ultimately, BFFB is designed by Finance professionals for Finance professionals fuelled by primary data not conjecture or belief. 

The articles below cover a broad range of topics and perspectives on the future disruption of the Finance function based upon our analysis of primary data collected through our study.

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