Catalyse progress with integrated insights

KPMG’s Integrated Care Analytics Service (ICAS) is a suite of tools and capabilities that enable you to transform disparate data into the insight needed for powerful progress.

Driving better patient outcomes requires real-time effective and co-ordinated decision making across the whole care system.

Your patients need a service that is seamless and personalised whether they’re interacting with a GP, hospital or emergency provision or receiving care at home.

And you need access to timely and accurate data – on patients, your employees, your operations and your finances- intelligently assimilated into the insights you need to make the right strategic and operational decisions to deliver this.

How does ICAS help?

Developed in close conjunction with healthcare leaders through real-world scenarios and challenges, the ICAS suite of solutions bring together the data, analytics, insight you need to drive dynamic progress.

Discover solutions to map and measure patient experience, carry out informed workforce planning, identify operational improvements and more.

And importantly, the tools and support to use that insight to create the outcomes that you, your organisation, your employees and your patients need.

Find a dynamic way forward with our solutions:

Patient focused care

Review the experience of patients
and the impact of your care

Workforce Productivity

Understand your workforce and the
workforce you need for the future


Optimised Operations

Drill down in to operational performance
and identify improvements


Financial Efficiency

Get control of the real costs of services
and make informed decisions


Patient focussed care

Can your medical director gauge whether the care you provide is improving patients’ health?

Can they measure the patient experience and identify areas for improvement?

Our digital tools give you a better understanding of patient health and the impact you’re having. You can identify where improvements can be made, and get staff behind your change programme. And you can better support patients to manage their own health and wellbeing.

Our products

  • Patient Pathway + An operational tool with demand and capacity analysis and forecasting to enhance clinical and operational management of with pathway dashboard.
  • My Experience. Understand what your patients are experiencing by enabling them to share feedback in real-time using our simple mobile app.
  • My Carer Portal. Carers can record and share their experience using a simple mobile app.

Workforce productivity

Can your HR Director tell you what skills you need now and in the future?

Do they have a clear picture of employee engagement or wellbeing?

The top barrier to progress identified by ICS leaders is workforce transformation (76%). Our digital tools enable you to make more intelligent and proactive resourcing decisions, improving both patient and employee experience.

Our products

  • Strategic Workforce Planner – Get critical insights for better informed workforce scenario planning to support workforce transformation.
  • Predicare – Our predictive modelling tool gives you a clearer picture of patient demand, enabling you to better manage your clinical workflow and resource allocation.
  • Optimise + – Manage your employee resources more effectively with our workforce rostering app.
  • Digital Job Planner – An app that digitises the clinical workforce job planning and contracting process, providing visibility of contractual obligations.

Optimised operations

Can your COO tell whether your processes are efficient?

Can you identify bottlenecks and see if the changes you’re making are improving things?

Gain a clearer view of what you’re doing well and where you need to improve. Our digital tools help you identify performance drivers and the root causes of issues. And that means you can build a culture of continuous operational improvement.

Our products

  • PTL Connect – Analytics solution for systems like waiting lists, data quality checks etc.
  • iCode– An automated digital clinical coding solution.
  • Demand and Capacity Model – Supports delivery of services and future planning.
  • Performance AI – automated performance reporting solution with real time alerts.
  • UC Virtual Control Centre – Provides live insights on service delivery of urgent care.
  • Continuous Quality Alert – Live intelligence suite that tracks service delivery.
  • Outcomes Monitor – Tracks outcomes across organisations and systems.
  • Optimum Facility – Monitors health of estates and facilities for compliance.

Financial efficiency

Do you have a clear view of the overall cost of care and where you can drive cost reductions?

Can your CFO give the board insights on how it can reduce waste and make better use of resources?

ICS leaders see finance as the second biggest barrier to progress (63%). Our digital tools give you a stronger handle on service costs and identify any outliers. They show you the key cost drivers by provider, pathway, patient group and location.

Our products

  • Open Book Accounting – Cost modelling solution, providing insights at service line level.
  • System Finance Model – Analytics tool predicting future financial positions.
  • Theatre Scheduler – Enhanced activity planning to drive theatre efficiency.
  • Digital Outpatient Scheduling – Outpatient management and activity scheduling solution.
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