A holistic approach that combines intelligent data-driven insights and automation-first principles with an emphasis on more risk identification while remaining policy compliant.

Our expertise, knowledge, and competence are demonstrated through our extensive portfolio of designing, building, and hosting Customer Due Diligence (CDD) software for numerous major financial clients worldwide. This showcases our comprehensive approach to engineering, bringing together multidisciplinary teams specialising in UX/UI design, software & API development, cloud Infrastructure engineering, and the Quentexa platform-Decision Intelligence Platform.

We are the trusted partners of the world's largest and most intricate organisations, with a specialisation in delivering technology services at scale. Through leveraging robust data sources, pioneering solutions, and cutting-edge technologies, we offer strategies to optimise operations, fuel growth, and streamline costs.

Our comprehensive service not only reduces the average case handling time but also enhances the first-time resolution of cases, enabling clients to refocus on the core aspects of their business. Furthermore, we ensure compliance with data privacy requirements, particularly crucial for financial regulators, by integrating automation into our processes, thus enhancing efficiency and reliability.

Our solutions are secure, resilient, and scalable, leveraging agile and iterative methodologies to ensure successful outcomes.

What we offer to our Approach

Scalable Interface Layer: Providing users with a secure and seamless interface that seamlessly support users and integrates with third parties’ systems. It's designed to be customer-centric, informative, interactive, and easy to navigate.

Scalable Containerised Application Platform: Offering flexibility with loosely coupled and standardised components within a redundant, secure, and cloud-based architecture, enabling process automation. We prioritise contextual data intelligence to provide a real-time, holistic view of each case.

Data Storage Layer: Ensuring data security with tiered storage solutions, encrypting all data both at rest and in transit according to their tier classification.

CRM and Case Management: Offering an AI-driven approach enhances hyper-automation and productivity, streamlining processes and optimising workflow efficiency.

Why choose KPMG?

With a proven track record and expertise, KPMG is a leader in Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD), trusted by public and private organisations, including government bodies and financial institutions. We provide best-in-class solutions to address critical challenges and seize opportunities, working closely with clients to empower growth, agility, sustainable competitive advantages, and positive societal impact.

Market-Leading Solutions: Our cloud-native Client Due Diligence solution, trusted by 17 major banks, ensures regulatory compliance with FCA standards, offering optimised efficiency and robust security measures.

Government Campus Curriculum: Our innovative cloud-based training platform, tailored for the Civil Service and managed by KPMG delivery centres, ensures secure identity management and reflects our commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Global Vetting Experience: With a track record of delivering vetting solutions worldwide, including to allied nations, we navigate complex regulatory environments to meet clients' unique needs.

Choose KPMG for unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions in KYC and CDD, guiding you through compliance challenges with confidence and efficiency.

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