It is critical that companies respond quickly and efficiently to fraud investigations, especially when considering their time-sensitive nature. This includes alleged or suspected fraud, misconduct, or other improprieties such as violations of laws, regulations, or organisational policies.

Businesses often lack the right resources and/or skills to proficiently conduct a prompt, cost-effective, and objective investigation. Every year, fraud and misconduct siphon billions of dollars from companies worldwide, damaging reputations and putting public trust at risk. Company boards, as well as management at all levels of an organisation, are therefore under mandatory pressure to get to the bottom of any case of fraud as quickly as possible. Organisations can minimise and indemnify any losses in court if a fraud investigation is carried out in a timely and appropriate manner.

Our fraud investigation services

What we do

  • We collect primary data and develop an investigation plan.
  • We analyse accounting and management data for any anomalies or deviations, then we sample transactions for a detailed review.
  • We request and check supporting documents pertaining to the selected transactions.
  • We follow up with supplementary procedures depending on the specifics of the case.
  • After collecting and analysing all the available information, we conduct interviews with the respective employees.
  • We prepare a report in which we provide you with the evidence we collected concerning fraudulent activity, as well as a list of potentially involved employees.

What you get

  • Corroboration/refutation of violation allegations.
  • Determination of the nature of any violations/the size of any potential damages.
  • A list of employees that could have been involved in any violations.
  • Identification of any internal control system gaps and recommendations on how best to eliminate them.


  • We do a stock take of inventory and/or fixed assets.
  • We benchmark a company’s transactions against the market: purchase and sale prices, average discounts, bonuses, etc. 
  • We analyse the electronic correspondence of key individuals.
  • We examine employee expense reports to confirm expenses/transactions involving gifts.
  • We search for information from open sources on any suspected offenders (lifestyle, key assets, conflicts of interest, etc.)
  • We also monitor electronic systems reports/CCTV systems.
  • In the event that misconduct is confirmed, we help estimate losses.

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