Serhii Kasatkin

Associate Director, Forensic

KPMG in Ukraine

Serhii joined KPMG Forensic team in 2019.

Before joining KPMG Serhii had more than 10 years of experience in internal audit of companies within coal and energy, agricultural and chemical industries.

Internal audit: Serhii was managing internal audit functions of Ukrainian and Belorussian companies and was responsible for audits of different operational and financial activities, assessment of risk management, internal control and compliance programs. As well, Serhii was in charge of strategic and annual risk-based planning of internal audit activities, communications with Executive Management and Supervisory Board, staff professional development and improvement of internal audit methodology. As the part of KPMG team Serhii is in charge of internal audit support engagements (co- and outsourcing, assessment).

Fraud investigations: Serhii conducted Fraud investigations in procurement, construction, logistics, sales, HR etc. He set up and administrated Trust Lines, carried out the checks of tips related to the top-management of the companies he worked for. As the part of KPMG team Serhii conducted investigations of whistle-blowing allegations in international IT, pharma and automotive companies.

Risk management and Internal control: Being an Internal Auditor, Serhii obtained sufficient experience in business risk identification, mapping and assessment. Serhii was in charge of internal control and compliance frameworks and procedures implementation and improvement. 

Anti-bribery and corruption: One of the key tasks Serhii was in charge of was setting up Anticorruption programmes which included key policies, background checks of business partners and candidates for executive positions, managing conflict of interest.



  • Fraud
  • Risk Management
  • Master’s Degree in Accounting and Audit at Donetsk State University of Economics and Trade named after Tuhan-Baranovskyi

  • ACCA member

  • Obtained certification in Internal Audit (CIA)