Financial, commercial, and reputational loss are constant risks for public and private sector organisations alike. KPMG continues to assist the largest companies across the globe in:

  • implementing fraud and corruption prevention systems;
  • assessing the efficiency of these systems, providing reports for clients and concerned parties;
  • investigating cases of fraud and other violations.

We use standardised global methodologies and approaches so that our clients can be confident in the quality of services that KPMG delivers.

KPMG was the first Big Four firm to offer Forensic services to clients in Ukraine and we are proud that we continue to have a market-leading Forensic practice today.

We ensure objectivity and independence during our investigations, with our work going through a sophisticated internal quality control process to facilitate excellent results. KPMG’s in-house IT solutions help automate routine processes, leaving more time for our employees to interpret data and develop hypotheses.

Our forensic consulting services

KPMG’s extensive local and global network of forensic experts helps you detect, prevent, and plan for future risks to your organisation: from ensuring everyone at your company is fully versed in regulation changes, to investigating and advising on disputes when they arise.

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