When disputes arise, it is important to gather critical facts, assess the strengths and weaknesses of your position, and develop a plan about whether to settle or push on. Disputes can involve complex economic, financial, and technical issues. An independent expert opinion is therefore absolutely invaluable for any company that wants to defend its position in court hearings and determine the size of any potential penalty.

How we can help

KPMG conducts expert assessments to ensure that our arguments are substantial, convincing, and successful in various courts of law; both domestic and international.

Our dispute advisory services

What we do

  • We assess the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s position at the beginning of the dispute. If our assistance is requested during the trial, we examine process history, precedents, and past decisions.
  • We collect supplementary data, such as macroeconomic indicators, market dynamics, and information on specific companies. We assess the fairness of major assumptions and validate the values of major indicators used in making calculations.
  • We offer quantitative assessments. If a number of alternative methods were used in the calculations, we combine the results to obtain a range.
  • We provide reports from experts with the required specialisations and experience. Impartial, objective, and credible; KPMG reports present complex concepts in a simple way.

What you get

  • Independent assessment of the subject of the dispute, based on objective data and expert opinion.
  • Determination of penalties.
  • An expert report for use in court.


  • If necessary, KPMG will provide additional expert opinions. We act as an expert for pre-trial proceedings and in court.
  • We draw on our international network of industry experts which gives KPMG access to regional or specialised experience to suit any client, anywhere.